Cultural visits in parallel sporting events

Cultural visits in parallel sporting events

Cultural visits in parallel sporting events

After the effort, the comfort! Beyond the competitions, this 17th edition of Gymnasiade2018 is also the opportunity for our young sportsmen and their families and/or coaches to take advantage of their stay by visiting the major places of Marrakech and Casablanca. These visits are organized every day at the rate of two excursions, one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. It allows them to make a little tourism and to appreciate the local culture. Buses as well as cultural guides were thus made available.


These visits begin, in the ochre city, with the Medina where the participants were able to admire the Big Koutoubia Mosque, symbolic religious building of the city of Marrakesh. Follows a bend to the Palace Bahia, masterpiece of the Moroccan architecture, and one of the major monuments of the cultural heritage of Morocco.


Then, comes the Medina, to discover the chemists of Bab Agnaou and their condiments of numerous virtues. Without forgetting the famous square of Jemâa-El-Fna, traditional and popular place, where the visitors were able to walk and to meet its storytellers dancers and snake charmers.


A little farther, a visit of Ménara is also planned.This vast garden of olive trees, in the center of which a big pond serves as water tank to irrigate the cultures, is the ideal place to come to appreciate the diversity and the beauty of the landscape and the saadien palace.


The competitors based in Casablanca had their right on their cultural program and went to explore the big mosque Hassan II, monumental building partially built on water, and were able to visit the traditional and full of charm district of Habbous before ending with a shopping session at the Morocco Mall.

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