Physical preparations

Physical preparations

Physical preparations and start of the games !

Thursday, May 03rd, 2018

Because of the requirements of 18 sports represented this year at the Gymnasiade2018, the young sportsmen and women have to remain in shape and achieve their respective exercises. For that purpose, a number of establishments and sports institutions opened their doors, to guarantee safety and optimal comfort to all the participating teams. Besides training physically, these sports students also have to get ready psychologically. Thus, the teams of athletics didn’t hesitate to come to enjoy the sun, while discovering the Big Stadium of Marrakech.


If some already began their trainings, others also began their first matches. It is moreover the case for tennis, where the first fatigue is already felt. The balls which are exchanged in an astonishing speed, and the sound of the slidings on the clay court, already set the tone of this meeting. A beautiful day is announced, especially since this evening will take place the Opening ceremony of the 17th edition of Gymnasiade2018. This ceremony, which will take place at the Big Stadium of Marrakech, will be chaired by the Ministry Of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific research and the President of the ISF.


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